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Date:2006-04-12 23:20
Subject:NO Title

No title!!!!

Ok, since last update there hasn't been a whole lot going on. I've been working a bit, so my playtime has been cut down by quite a bit (probably a good thing). We did another dynamis-xarcabard, but unfortunately nothing like the previous run. We ended up with a grand total of 1 AF - Samurai(Zypher). Also did some KS99 Chevlnik runs. Got decent drops, our loot system was orb holder picks 1 item, rest of ppl split the rest of drops. Haven't gotten the money from it yet, but it'll probably be 1.5-2m, a nice little bonus. Got a few kreigsbells, a shinsoku, some b.hides, ect... No Unsho tho :(

Haven't been camping any kings cause they've been out of our time. We did do dynamis today (windy), and it was a pretty bad run. 4 AFs dropped - NIN(Yurameshi), SAM(Dubhe), DRK(Mizrahi freelot), THF(Killerme!!):

All right, got my 3rd piece of AF (BLM gloves and THF gloves were first two), too bad its complete shit tho. The only thing its good for is looking like a smurf:

I decided to try my luck with some amemet mantles, went 0/5 on HQ which hurt, especially because I went 0/5 a few days ago as well. After losing some money I tried some synths and managed to make a pair of Ogre Gloves+1. /cheer


But those were nothing compared to what I just made 20mins before this entry. I was camping Kreutzet when a LS mate said megalo was up. I warped out to lufaise asap, but by the time i got there it was too late. He was about to die and had to team up w/ someone else. They killed but didn't get anything. Kinda pissed off I went back to tav. I decided to try my hand at another synth:

OMFG. 1/AHellOfALot on that synth. The HQ is worth 10mil. I haven't decided if I want to sell it yet or not, but I most likely will because 3% haste isn't worth 10mil, especially when NQ is 2% haste for 50k, and I have O.hat for that slot anyway. Here's me pimping it tho:


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Date:2006-04-06 21:51

OMFG. <3 Kwannon so much. Nothing I can say, see pics.

OMFG. Kwannon botted me, and we did 7 AF Xarc (and a 100). Drops were: THF(ME) PLD(Antonn) BSTx2(Geneyus, Banryoku) WAR(Mugmug) RNG(Yurameshi) DRK(Drauge). So most of that is crap, but I got thf and antonn got PLD. Here's his screenshot of him sporting valor surcoat. Now most of our plds have something to tank in other then af1body or adaman body (Valor Surcoat for 3, W.Body for 1, M.Body for 1).

I also spend a whopping 52 points on them, most points spent on any item in JR. I'm off, time to go to Magic Mountain (Six Flags) now. Adios

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Date:2006-04-02 00:28
Subject:Speak of the devil

After a long time of not getting anything we finally got a few things. This was over a long period of time, don't think we claimed kings back to back. We also missed 2 M.Body Nidhoggs :(


Got Nidhogg a week and some time ago. A.Body drop to kwannon. Here she is showing it off:

Big grats to her

Dune Boots

Nothing big, but helped Geneyus/Juicifer get Dune boots for his monk:


And yesterday aspid popped and...I claimed it. Drops were meh, 2 of the shitty abjurations but oh well.

Akiru won W.Body (first PLD to get), Peachesxx got egg (3rd BB item) and Kaneth won D.Feet (total shitty shit).
Akiru pimping the wyrmal body


We got fafnir today, nothing good drop:

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Date:2006-03-20 11:04
Subject:Wish we could claim

I really wish we could claim something. Since my last update we've seen other linkshells claim:
Aspid, 2x Nidd, KB, NUMEROUS Fafnirs, and we haven't gotten anything. It's really annoying. One of those Nidhogg dropped m.body for Eclipse. I hate you SquareEnix.


Maybe to make up for us not claiming anything, SE gave us good dynamis drops.
THF - I was tied for high bid to some fucking bot (blackhatchy that wasn't there). I lotted some shitty shitty lot like 68. Someone logged hatchy character in to lot, win, then logged him back out. I fucking hate this game. I'll stick to my 1 piece of AF (BLM Gloves) forever I guess.


Monkx2 dropped, went to Aidan & Peachesxx

The first of our 3 Ninjas, and 3 100s. Ninjas went to: Dyanne, Peachesxx, and Kaneth

And the other 100s:

And Warrior also dropped, went to Avinor.


A few weeks back we tried dlord again. Fight was going flawless until 9% when he did the move where he turns into 4 copies of himself, then all four fucking copies did Dynamis Implosion, and wiped everyone. GG SE. Go fuck yourselves


Tiamat from a ways back:

And some KS99 drops we did:

On a side note, we've had a few people leave the linkshell for Particle. Mainly: Flyingdragoon, Wickedpriest, Raphieal, Splamony, and Oldfashion. What's interesting is that 3 of them recieved Herald's Gaiters from us, and are now trying to sell them off. Splam sold his i'm pretty sure (after he got his he basicially stopped coming to events), cause he went on a spending spree and bought Byrnie+1, Scorpion Harness+1, and Haburgeon+1. WP had a bazaar comment to sell his. I don't know if fly has yet or not, but he was sporting a kraken club recently, maybe he traded for it.

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Date:2006-03-11 12:11

Hello everyone, been slacking on the updates but here it is:
We've been camping Behemoth lately, no HQs have popped yet but today is very likely HQ day. Also camped turtle, but Karasu got Aspid.


I finally decided to stop slacking, and finish off my THF AF. I had to get: Hat,feet, and body still. I solo'd them all on thf74, and got some shitty AF as a reward:
Me wearing all thf af before immediately turning it in to storage


After a Behemoth we rushed to sky to try to farm. Well so did everyone else at Behemoth, so we managed to not get any demis. We did however have enough spawn items for a Kirin, so we decided to do that instead. Drops:

Osode > Amethyst | N.Body > Aidan
And here's a cool screenshot of Puyo fighting Genbu:


I killed Evisceration NM, with the help of Isabel and Aidan. Thanks!!


We tried this dynamis to try and win. We got the boss down to 18% or so before we wiped. Orz


And last night I camped this bird a little. He popped and some JPs but, but wiped to him at about 15%. We engaged and killed:

But that son of a bitch didn't drop the dagger. God damn him to hell.

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Date:2006-02-25 11:46
Subject:Bahamut 1, Sky, KS30

A few things to update

Bahamut BC

This is the first Bahamut BC you have to do in order to access the 2nd Bahamut fight, and a pre-quest for the new earrings. So anyway my LS did 2 rounds of it, won both times. This BC is really easy, but Bahamut Round2 is supposed to be incredibly hard.

Sky Run

Did a sky run consisting of 1 of each god. Here's screenshots of 3 of them, don't have pics of other two.


Kirin, finally giving us W.legs after 7 kirins w/o it dropping. Grats to Miklia on it.

And drops from the others were:
Suzaku: N.Feet > Antonn | Siren's Hair
Seiryu: A.Legs > Duelgemini | Kote > Azraelus

KS30 Scorps

Decided to burn some of my seals for a scorpion Ks30. We did split overall, and got mostly crap. Only decent things we got were D.ingot and 2 O.ingots, so about 1mil each. Here's my orb's drops:

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Date:2006-02-21 00:03
Subject:Maintence and update and stuff

Maintence today on a national holiday, which got extended an hour. Normally I would be kinda angry, but read below to see why I'm not.
Here's some of the new stuff in update

New armors + weapons
Brenner - a new PvP game similar to ballista, but with a capture the flag twist. I tried it out and lots of fun.
You can now only send 1mil per delivery box (with only 1 slot for gil) - supposed to screw over gilseller I doubt it will
New synths for new items which I've yet to try out
Glitch'd fafnir - see below

Dragon's Aery

I logged out at dragon's aery, as did lots of other linkshells. When maintence ended JR only had 6 ppl logged there :(. As other linkshells kept getting more and more numbers, we decided to run in and grab fafnir and hold him. Screenshots:
Here's our group: I will list the names and jobs so you can see what we held with. We held with this group for 20mins+ until more arrived, with 0 deaths and 0 sleeps. Killerme - BLM, Duelgemini - BRD, Oldfashion - PLD, Quintus - PLD, Vilhem - SMN, Amethyst - RDM. Pretty makeshift group. We even managed to get him into 80s before we had backup arrive.

Us running into pit

During the fight something really weird happened. Fafnir stopped attacking back. He would just stand there. At first we thought he was asleep, but no one slept him. Every 30secs-1min he would attack once then WS, but then that was it. This confused the hell out of us, but then we figured what the hell. Our PLDs engaged and starting swinging, I was throwing out nukes left and right (pulled hate a few times), ect.. I recorded a bit of it on video, which you can view here. It's about a 2min clip of fafnir being a pacifist. By the time we killed we had 18.
And we got some nice drops:

Big congrats to the winners.

Also the other day after many attempts I made a pair of:


I tried out this new Brenner stuff. I'm not to great at it yet, but I managed to get much better by the time I finished, although I still don't understand what I'm supposed to do - I just enjoy killing people. Good stuff.

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Date:2006-02-19 01:17
Subject:Number One

Lots of new stuff, here it is.


Dynamis-Bastok raid on Tuesday. We started with 18-20 ppl, and we kicked some serious ass. We even managed to get the win. Lots of AF ended up dropping, here it is:
PLDx3 > Quintus, Cronus, Oldfashion | BSTx2 > Bahtbaht, Banryoku | MNKx2 > Puyopukuyo, Duelgemini | DRK > Drauge | Sam > Puyopukuyo
No screenies now, nothing that interesting.


We did Tiamat on Thursday. Was quite a battle if I do say. We were a little rocky but got him down to 4%. Then we got overcome by adds. Too many popped on us at once, and not enough kiters/add pt to kill them. Wiped. Orz, but we got back up and started over from 100%. Took him down pretty quickly - 1hr 20mins maybe? Not sure didn't time the fight. Drops were: Herald's Gaiters > Splamony | Damascus Ingot > Bank

Once again no screenshots ATM, ill try to post some when I can (on other computer).


Claimed and killed him. Nothing to see here move along


Finally onto the good stuff. We did Dynamis-Xarcabard on saturday, and we were ready to get our revenge on Dlord from the week before. Well first stuff first.
Ninja AF:

Grats to peachesxx on nin af


I actually don't have any screenshots of the fight. I was too busy nuking and whatnot to get any shots of the fight. However we KILLED this fucker. First NAs on titan to do so, and we got nice loot.

And Anger sporting his newest item:

Here's stats on it:

And the title gained from beating it:

Screenshot that Demented took right as we killed:

Thats all folks!

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Date:2006-02-12 16:09
Subject:2 Wipes


Tried Ouryu the other day, didn't turn out so hot. We attempted him twice. First attempt we got him to about 85% but realized we had no chance so we ran away. Second time we had a little bit of a different strat, but we only got him to about 15%. This guy is a really hard fight. The adds aren't anything hard, but very annoying.

Here's me terrored while running. He has AOE terror move which is really crippling.

Dynamis Lord

Titan has got to be one of the slowest servers in terms of Dynamis progression. No NAs have killed Dlord yet on our server, and I don't think a whole lot of JPs have either. I've only seen 1 Shadow item on the server, but I'm pretty sure there is more. IMO not bad at all for our very first attempt. We got fucked over by sleepga at the beginning. This stopped all our melee DD for about 30seconds, and prevented the skillchain and 11 magic bursts we had planned for the beginning. However we are going back next saturday and we WILL WIN!!!!
Ying & Yang almost wiped us. One of them body slammed and killed all the mages. We managed to finish them off though.

Dynamis lord at 25%. We got him all the way down to 21% though.

He got off oblivion smash which killed most of the mages and/or tarus. Then he did 2 Firaga3s back to back to finish off everyone else.

No af dropped on that run either, although we didn't kill that many demons.

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Date:2006-02-10 20:15
Subject:Sky & Dynamis

We did a dynamis-jeuno run on tuesday. Lots of AFs dropped, no 100s and no thief tho ><. No screenshots but drops were:
War > Oldfashion
RDM > Cronus(Xelda)
SAM > Aidan
WHM > Splamony
WHM > Sots
WHM > Peachesxx
DRK > Vilhem (Freelot)
BLM > Yurameshi
NIN > Isabel
NIN > Cronus
Grats to winners.


We did a sky raid consisting of 1 of each god, and 2 kirins. Decent drops from most. Here are screenshots of drops minus kirins

And the kirin drops were:
Kirin 1: Damascus Ingot (SUCKS)
Kirin 2: Osode(Duelgemini) D.Body (Raddick) Shining Cloth Kirin's Pole(Freelot)

Planning dynamis-xarcabard tomorrow, with a Dlord attempt. I hope armlets drop!!!

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Date:2006-02-06 17:48

Killed a few dragons since last update - here's a recapp


We found out this ice prince was up and we decided to try our hand at him. We had only killed him once before, and nearly wiped at 1%. But we decided that he was going down. Our strat was a little different. The blms were on add duty. At first it looked grim, but then we realized that black mages are fucking awsome, and we owned the shit out of some adds. Main ally didn't have add problems once. Also the add pt got about 10k xp while killing adds - pwnage.
Here's a screenshot of us gaining some xp off adds - you have to realize tho that for most of the fight we only had 6, not an ally. And also that we killed 3 mobs at a time.

And here's the phat jorm drops (no title for me :( )

So far only 1 ore was attempted to be crafted, and it got broken. Oh well, we have 3 more. This was also our first grand kill w/o a wyrm horn drop.


The day after Jorm Tiamat popped, and we all rushed out to kill him. Typical Tiamat fight, with 1 small exception. Fairly clean fight, and good drops:
Tiamat at 40%

Here's where our problem occured. A whm named Geneyus decided that the tank party no longer needed to be in Chasm, and Teleport-Mea'd the entire Tank pt. Needless to say all of us (Tiamat included) were in a bit of shock. However we quickly put together another tank party from what we had, and got the situation under control. Props to the replacements, there was only 1 death from the indicent I think, it could have been much worse.

And the leet drops:

Congrats to Vilhem on the Gaiters.


Not even worthy of screenshots. We did pretty good overall, got the win for those that needed. Only 2 AFs dropped tho - DRK(Drauge) and SAM(Akuji) grats you winners on those piece of shit afs.


I was bored and had some time to kill before Fafnir. I headed to boyahda tree to try to pop Aquarius. After 30 mins or so he popped, and I grabbed. Solo. BLM/WHM. So now the fun part. I had to attempt to solo him as BLM/WHM. Well it took a hell of a long time, but I manged to. He no longer drops anything of value, so killing him was just to prove I could.


Fafnir decided to be nice and pop 2nd window and we claimed. Killed with meh loot. Fafnir's been pretty jewish with E.hands lately, so its good that we got some.

Congrats to Akuji on the E.hands, and Demented on the assjammer.

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Date:2006-01-28 17:04
Subject:Word up

So small update, not a whole lot happening.
We did Dynamis-Xarcabard on tuesday. Was a good run in terms of how we did. However no af was dropping. Near the end our first,only, and last af dropped - Ninja. Grats to Cronus on getting Koga Tekko. We have a ton of these in our linkshell. I just wish assassin's armlets would drop.


We did a Tiamat and I finally got my taru ass out to chasm. Our new strat is very good. We were kicking tiamat's ass until a 45% unfortunate C4H. We all logged hate and started over again from 100%. We were doing very good until about 2% when she went crazy. Crit plds for 750 (wearing full Koenig), and hate went everywhere. However we managed to take her down, and got some uber drops. Here's screenshots of drop:

Very nice drops. The gaiters went to Wickedpriest (so now he and fly are twins again), kote to Drauge, and Hide bought by Kaneth.
A little luck here, combined with uber galka saved us:

Grats to all the winners.


We did some sea farming/jailers. We got some virtues, some cape, and a bunch of other stuff. I'm not too familiar w/ sea, but apparently my uber TH3 got us the best drops on this jailer:

Anger got the torque, don't remember who got the axe, and the virtue is used to pop a tier 2 jailer.

Got bored made myself a new sig:

I actually do have all the gear pictured, just can't wear some of it yet :\, haven't gotten to XP thief much.

And an unfortunate misbid I had, hopefully seller will give money back:

Also did an Omega fight, and got some nice drops.
Here's Antonn pimping his new Homam body:

Also got the Homam Head, which went to Mugmug, and the Homam Hands(i think), which went to Anger. No screenshots of them, but here are the stats on the homam pieces:

Cya later

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Date:2006-01-22 10:54
Subject:Long Time No Update!

I know I've been slacking on the updates. Here's and update and you better like it. I will start w/ most recent and work my way back.


Well my Thief is lvl 71 (yay!) and I've always been wanting a peacock charm. However I realized I would never have the 35mil needed to buy it, and finding ppl to do the BC is hard, not to mention the drop rate is shit. So I started camping him. First day I arrived shortly after he was killed. I was kinda bummed out, but at least I had approximate TOD. Next day I went back and camped for a (Long time!). If my TOD was right it was approaching hour 29 and there was no pop from Argus or Leech King. I started to wonder if maybe he had been killed already but then Boom! Argus popped in the big room and I voked him. The only other people around were afk. I killed him to be rewarded with:

Damn I was pretty pissed that he didn't drop it. Oh well at least I had TOD, and was the only person with it. So the next day I headed back and started to camp him again. Yet again he was being a whore and not popping. I had to go out to dinner for 2hrs or so. However my friend Friction came out and said he would camp him for a bit while I was gone. He already had the amulet, so if he killed he said it would go to me. I arrived home and was eager to check. Well he had just left to do Limbus and Argus hadn't popped. Ugh! I walked out to get a drink and when I come back guess who was sitting up? Thats right Argus. I ran over and voked. Yet again I killed and no one even saw me. The spoils:

Woot! I was pretty damn excited that I actually got the drop. Here's me showing off some of my Thief stuff:

Sexy ain't it!?

EDIT: A little update. I went back today after an unsuccessful Lord of Onzozo camp (Gilsellers killed). He popped and I claimed. Then I told my friend to haul his ass out. And becamse I'm such a nice guy:

Now we can Tarantino back to some previous events.

We did some nice sky runs and got some uber drops. Most recently we did 2 Kirins. Drops:
N.Abj.Body > Ruinone (Grats taru)
Kirin's Osode > Kamanao
Kirin's Pole > Peachesxx
N.Abj.Body > Angermanagment
Kirin's Osode > Kaneth

Sorry dont' have any screenshots.

Before kirin we did 3 Byakkos with some nice drops:
Byakko 1:
Byakko's Haidate > Azraelus
Zenith Head > Bunnybuffer
Divine Log > Banked
Byakko 2:
N. Abj. Hands > Kwannon
Damascus Ingot > Miklia
Byakko 3:
Byakko's Haidate > Aidan
Divine Log > Banked
N.Abj. Hands > Anger

Grats to the winnars! Also from sky runs:
Seiryu 1:
Geneyus > A.Legs
Gambit > Seiryu's Sword
Seiryu 2:
M.Head > Fly
Seiryu's Kote > Amethyst
D.Head > Haruo
Seiryu 3:
W. Hands > Quintus
Seiryu's Sword > Killerme(woot)

M.Abj.Hands > Quintus
V.Claw > Bought my Oldfashion

Scythe > Mug
N. Feet > Kwannon


Did this dynamis unfortunately no win. However we got 6 af, which is pretty good for a northland.
BLM > Bahtbaht
BRD > Aidan
RNG > Yurameshi
NIN > Yurameshi
NIN > Cronus
SAM > Zypher
WAR > Anger

Grats to the winners.


We decided to go after Vrtra again. Here's screenshots courtesy of Gambit:

Run taru!

Garuda Corner.

Vrtra HATE music!!!


Vrtra down. To the victor go the spoils:

We haven't crafted the mantle yet, and thus no one has recieved it.


Killed Tiamat a few days ago. I wasn't there but have some screenshots of the fight.

And the drops were:
Herald's Gaiters > Amateras
Wyrm Horn > Bank
Noritsune Kote > Azraelus
and I think some other item like D.Cloth > Bank

Also we killed Tiamat yesterday. Drops were:
Noritsune Kote & Wyrm Horn. Orz.


We also killed 1 Aspid but got complete crap - D.Feet. Grats to Zypher on this crappy item, which gives him full Shura.

Thats about it. We also killed I think 2 Fafnirs with decent drops, but no more Ridills.

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Date:2005-12-15 17:28
Subject:Niddy again

Another Nidhogg

We got another Nidhogg. Well here's what happened. 4 LS camping Nidhogg in Aery: Us, Fish, Karasu, and Clovers. Nidhogg pops 6th window and Clovers claims. They have a few problems from the start, he seemed to be nidhogg on crack. Anyway we random with other Linkshells and I get 800something. We win. Then about 27% Clovers claims darters and ends up wiping. Boom we are up. We kill a very tough nidhogg. His wings put many of in Red. Another wing could've wiped us.

Me soloing nidhogg!

And the drops...shitty

Grats to gambit on N.legs and Peachesxx on Wyrm Beard. We are overdue for another M.Body!

That's all to report.

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Date:2005-12-12 20:06
Subject:1.96 Dragons

/yay and /cry. Start with good news first.

Yay Nidhogg. This sucker popped 3rd or 4th window Sunday and Akuji claimed it. /yay. We kill it and get:

Grats to Akuji on E.body, which he claimed, and Mizrahi on Wyrm Beard.


Well we decided to try Vrtra after Nidhogg. We head down there and things are going great. We have our problems and what not, but nothing major. Then at 4% he got off a nasty ass wing that made everything go downhill

Anyway gonna try Diablos now, the new avatar. He is supposed to be pretty hard, but the hardest part so far has been getting in. Here's just a sample screenshot of the people waiting, and it only lets 2 or 3 groups in at once.

All right. Finally entered and we started. Started off OK then he got off a nightmare somehow through chainspell stun. This was basically GG, we were all asleep, with a huge damage per tick bio. We wiped on this one.

Slightly disappoined we got kicked out. We were more disappointed that we would have to wait in the huge line (if you could call it that, it was more of a spam F8 and hit enter). Well we got in pretty fast after our loss, around 15. We didn't chain stun, just had flyd on nightmare duty. Well he was sooo much easier this time around. We took him down with only 1 death. Our reward: Ability to summon diablos!! Woot.

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Date:2005-12-10 11:38

We did a Hakutaku run for some linkshell members. These runs are very boring and long. Takes 15mins to kill him and another 15 for the ??? to repop. Luckily we got everyone that wanted a hat one, so we won't have to go down there again for a long time.

Just 1 screenshot of the run.

And I got my hat:

Grats to everyone who got a hat: Amethyst, Taaniel, Killerme (me!!), Ruinone, Oldfashion, Geneyus, Vilhem, Miklia, and Draken.

Since it was Day4 again for faf, we went to aery to camp him. NQ popped 3rd or 4th window. We claim and kill, with A.hands drop. Congrats to xerlic on winning those. No screenshots, Faf isn't any fun any more. Problem is, today's dyanmis-bcd will interfere with (possible) Nidhogg. Orz. Hopefully we get nidhogg first window and get 2 M.bodys. Hey we can always dream...

Oh ya almost forgot.
King Behemoth

Somehow we managed to get another KingB. We weren't even camping it really, I think 1 member just ran out. He saw King was up, and Firepattern didn't have enough to engage yet. So while waiting for more to come he claims it and solo kites it for a while (as a BLM). Then we killed. I wasn't there, but screenies from other ppl:

Big congrats to Angermanagment & Cronus on Koenig legs. Anger is now 5/5 on Koenig, our 2nd paladin to do so. Oh and Isabel on the earring.

Oh, and a big congrats to Team Leave in Ballista Royale, who won their first cross server match vs. Ifrit.

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Date:2005-12-05 21:53
Subject:Trio of Terror

Three new (big) things to report since last update. We'll start with the first:


KoopaTroopa did its first dynamis-xarc run on Saturday. Although we had many problems, not bad for our first time. I've been to xarc many times before, so I understand how fucking rare AF here is. Well we were kind of depressed because we killed all the NMs without any AF dropping. Then a Kindred white mage decided to be nice to us:

And drop Assassain's armlets. Grats to fellow taru Ruinone on winning these. He's our first pair of armlets in linkshell, and he is working on getting his own thief's knife. Also, we got a Beastmaster AF Hands at the end of the run. Unfortunately, we had no BSTs in the linkshell, and it went freelot to Kaneth.

Here is a screenshot of Ruinone pimping his AF2 gloves, along with my Thief's Knife:

After Dynamis we were starting to head to aery, but we have roughly 6 parked at behemoth. Well he pops first or second window, and its King! We get the claim almost uncontested, which is very strange. 1. KB popped on first possible day, very lucky. 2. The day before there were 75+ people camping a guaranteed NQ Behemoth. Anyway we run out and kill him, with a little bit of trouble.

Sorry no pic of drops, but they were: E.Legs > Flyingdragoon
Pixie Earring > Gambit
Shing Cloth
Behemoth Hidesx2
Behemoth Horn
Behemoth Tongue > Peachesxx

Grats to all the winners

While we were at KB, Fafir poppped first window, after popping last window for a few days in a row. StarSept killed him. However the next day (Sunday) we claimed and killed 2nd to last window. Nothing special about the fight, not even gonna both with screenshots. Only drop aside from normal bank item was N.head, which went to Isabel.

All right Nidhogg pops 2nd window. We claim it and kill it fairly easily. Too bad no M.body, we were hoping our new TH4 would give us some pimp luck.

Grats to Banryoku on A.body.

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Date:2005-12-03 13:53

Sorry been a while since last update, here it is.


We finally got a fafnir yesterday. He's been lingering in JP time recently, but we went. After popping last window we finally killed him, with good drops!

grats to Zypher on Ridill, our fourth in LS. Antonn(Amethyst) got Hrotti, and Friction on E.hands.

Also, I was messing around with this race converter program I found. I had some trouble working it at first, but then I got all the flaws out.


Oops Dyanne isn't supposed to be a guy

But now I have it working:

Zypher the taru!

And it's fun to see an alliance of Tarus taking down a huge dragon:


Did 2 kirins, but we needed 1 more Suzaku seal for the 2nd kirin, so we killed one. Not much to say, pretty bad drops.

Kirin x2

We did 2 kirins after, got pretty good drops.

No screenshots for the 2nd kirin, but we got:
Shining Cloth + Osode

Grats to:
Osode > Mugmug
Cronus > W.Legs
Geneyus > Pole
S.Cloths > Bank

There are also a few other things I'm probably missing.We did a sky run, did a few of each god. I might be able to post screenshots when I go to other house, but I can't post here.Also a few dynamis runs and stuff like that. Well got a dynamis-xarc later today, maybe we'll have some good drops.

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Date:2005-11-21 19:03
Subject:Been slacking!

Been slacking, here's your update.


We did a fairly successful Dynamis-Windy run. Can't rememeber all the drops, but I do remember: PLD, SMN, BLM, BLM, SAM, 100, THF, THF, and maybe more. But ZOMG I got my first AFv2, after having done dynamis for a long ass time. The Sorcerer's Gloves, which add extra damage on Magic Burst. I got to test them out only once, but I landed an 1800+ thunder 4 MB, and I am very happy w/ them.


No screenshots, but we got the win. AF drops were: WAR>Raddick | PLD>Sathington | 100>Geneyus | RDM>Sequell | BST>Pritz | MNK>Ameris. Grats to all the winners.


After doing a fairly successful demi farming run on Sunday, we decided to go for Tiamat. Everything was going well until 2%, when he spike flailed and whiped us. Somehow we managed to recover, but he had regened to about 14%. So we started fighting him again. Was very rough but we managed to take him down.

Congrats to Dillinger on the gaiters, and Ryanjh on the Noritsune Kote.

Also, Raddick made a very nice video of some of the fight, you can check it out here.


Killed our first Fafnir in a while, nothing special.

Grats to Banryoku on A.hands. Just need to get him that Yinyang robe now, which he is 0/6 on drops on.

Random Crap

Today I saw my first Shadow Mantle on server, a taru RDM has it. I know there it at least one more, but I've never seen it.

And me trying Amemet mantles. Here is only 3 synths worth, but I went 0/7 on HQ ; ;

I was pretty pissed until....

Woot, worth over 6mil, not sure how much I can get from it.

And me just dicking around:

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Date:2005-11-11 17:00
Subject:Few Things
Mood: lazy

Small update, not a whole lot happening.

Dynamis-San d'Oria

Dynamis run from Tuesday, pretty successful run. Got a bunch of AFs, and the win. Screenies:

Another WHM af dropped too, don't have a screenshot of it. Grats to all the winners.

Golden-Tongued Culberry

Pop NM for Ugleppih Pendant (sp). We did a few runs, can't remember everyone who got one. I still need to get mine, hopefully I'll be getting it soon.

And Zypher got a nice new hat, along with some of Team Leave.

I also decided to turn my game Resolution up, no more of it looking like crap for me. Before/After screenshots.




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